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  • Waverley Leung

    Waverley Leung

    “Be present. Be open. Be kind. But speak your mind.” 🌱 Passionate about tech, connecting with people, eating good food, and dancing to my heart’s content.

  • Megan Lo

    Megan Lo

    Software Engineer @ Olive AI | Flatiron Alum | Sociology Grad | Snoopy | Iced Vanilla Latte | Sitcoms | Wannabe Solo Traveler | I Google Literally Anything

  • Jeanmarie Jackman

    Jeanmarie Jackman

    Full Stack Developer | Software Engineer | React | Ruby on Rails | Musician | Artist | Educator

  • Gregory Boyce

    Gregory Boyce

    Creating a better world with tech, applied logic and values.

  • Fernando Doglio

    Fernando Doglio

    I write about technology, freelancing and more. Check out my FREE newletter if you’re into Software Development: https://fernandodoglio.substack.com/

  • Jhonny Chamoun

    Jhonny Chamoun

    Software Engineer, Problem solving oriented and new technologies enthusiast.

  • Anders (Andy) Sporring

    Anders (Andy) Sporring

    Writer, Thinker, and Philosopher of life | Editor of In My Own Words & Opinions And Discussions and Taking Notes

  • Thomas Girard

    Thomas Girard

    👌 TEDx Speaker | ✈️ Emerging Scholar

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